Care of Yangki

"Gawa rang gi zon go zo; choem rang gi choen go choel."
Whatever joy you seek, it can be achieved by yourself; whatever misery you seek, it can be found by yourself. (state of your mind).

"Fa yul la ta ja tham pa yoe, nga rang jo na kang tha."
In my homeland I possess one hundred horses, yet if I go, I go on foot.

"Tham chi sum da len ma gel na, pha dang bu yang noe mi chey."
If they don't exchange a few words, father and son will never know one another.

A girl with a dedicated heart and good behaviour is more (precious) than your own heart.

No death without reason.

"Tsham choe shain khaybe tag."
To know your limitations is the hallmark of a wise person.

"Thrang lapna me mi ga; te tha dung na khi mi ga eg."
If you tell the truth, people are not happy; if beaten with a stick, dogs are not happy.

"Da chab lu mi cho, thi lu cho; Loe lab lu mi cho, nen lu cho."
The way the arrow is targeted is more essential than the way it is shot; the way you listen is more essential than the way you talk. (anyone can shoot, but the way it hits matters).

"Zo mangna go lhong mi tshu."
When there are too many carpenters, the door cannot be erected.

"Chu yoe sa chab chap; sa droe sa nim sha."
When there is abundant water, it rains; where there is abundant heat, the sun shines.

"She chey mi lu mathoen: Khapa roe ki ba wong."
Never reveal all that you know to others: They might become shrewder than you!

"Sha tshaye khala tham nhen mi thoen."
Flattering words will not be spoken from the mouth of an affectionate person.

"Lo teypi mi gi nha-ing ku."
A trustworthy person steals one's heart!

"Sem chen tag gi re-mo (stripes) chey dang (outside); gu nag mi ge re-mo nang ing."
The stripes of a tiger are on the outside; the stripes (character) of a person are on the inside. (two faces in a person).

"Kha dayou gu chey dayou ma kay."
Don't put an easy tongue upon an easy mouth. (talkative).

"Ge ru-wa nhagi mo choe."
The nose didn't smell the rotting head. (one doesn't see one's own faults or mistakes).

A fire should be extinguished when it is small; an enemy should be subdued while young.

"Zig then ma che; dam choe ma ha."
Do not start your worldly life too late; do not start your religious life too early.

"Rang chapi zam lay rang ma thai."
One could not cross a bridge constructed by oneself. (whatever you do, do it properly, so it is of use).

"Nam gawa the wei woe lu yoe; phung dang si yang they nang yoe."
Fun and pleasure are located below the navel; the dispute and trouble are also located there.

"Ye shey pi da chap sar mi thoeng; phog sar thoeng."
The arrow of the accomplished (master) will not be seen when it is released; only when it hits the target. (you don't see the process; only the result can be seen).

"Cheyda chap sa goem peon yoeg mey."
In the battlefield, there is no distinction between upper and lower class...

"Chap phar kah chap jil pa chu kha ray."
The rain falls yonder, but the drops strike here. (indirect remarks hit the target).

"Chig mein neow cham."
If there is no financial involvement between relatives, the relationship is harmonious.

"Sampa zang na sa dang lam yang zang; sampa nyen na sa dang lam yang nyen."
If the thought is good, (your) place and path are good; if the thought is bad, (your) place and path are bad.