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Timmissartok Foundation

The Explorers Club

Explorers Club Flag #101

National Geographic

"Flight Over Africa" Video

Rolex Awards & "Life On The Edge" Article

PQ Magazine Articles - "Polo on the Wing" & "Elephant Polo"

Polo Magazine Article - "Postcards From The Edge"

Royal Geographical Society
& Letter from RGS

Guinness Book of World Records Letter

Siam Society Lecture

IBM Article

Colby College
"Flight of Discovery" Article

"Thundering Across Africa" Article by Tom Claytor

Flying for Conservation Article

Epic Adventure Article

South African "Getaway" Article

Iceland Article 

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German Botschaftsschule

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Nepali News Article

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Philadelphia Inquirer News Article

School Projects with Students
"First Flight" Article (feature film in Thailand)
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Cessna 180/185 Club Site
Australia Chapter
NZ Chapter

Helio Courier Site

Pilatus Porter PC-6

Bell 47 Helicopter Site
B47 Site 2

deHavilland Beaver DHC-2

Drifter XP-503 Site

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Microleve Corsario

Eco Pup Nup

Potts Guide to Bush Flying

Mountain Flying

Thai Flying Club

Seaplane Pilots


La legende de Jimmie Angel - South American bush pilot

Charles A. Lindbergh - A good factual article about his trans-atlantic flight

Sir Ernest Shackleton - Antarctic explorer who rescued his crew after losing the ship to ice

Antoine de St. Exupery - Pilot & Author of "The Little Prince"
Wiley Post - Early Flight Around the World
Amelia Earhart Disappearance
Flights Around the World
Float Flying Notes
Short Airstrip Technique
Lukla Airstrip (Nepal)
 Useless Information
Casualties of War (USA)
Tom's Favorite Architectural Images


Proverbs from Greenland
Proverbs from Arabia
Proverbs from Bhutan

Mahayana Buddhism (Dalai Lama)

Larry Norton Wildlife Artist

The Royal & Ancient Order of Bush Pilots

Mosquito Hammock

FAA - Latest Airworthiness Directives

Argentina Polo

Alf and Elephant Polo in Nepal

Many Aviation Webpage Links

FAA Airspace Classification

Lipizzaner Horses

Sea Education Association

Search Medical Examiners, Aircraft Registration

Siam Polo News

The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Basic Flight Information Webpage
Advanced Procedures and Principles of Flight (Angle of Attack)

Current Weather (anywhere in the world)

Charles and Anne Lindbergh Foundation

Cambodia Flying Club

Aviation History Webpage

ICAO weather METAR (input 4 letter ID code)

Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine

Amfly - Good Flying School in Florida (USA)

Stellenbosch Flying Club (South Africa)

 ExtreMoss Expeditions (Brazil)

Virtual Horizons Bush Pilot (Canada)

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Wagaero Aircraft Parts

Air Routing International



Women Fly to Russia


Bush wings (no comment!)

Wings Over Canada - TV and Bush Flying






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